Kenneth Embalsado

(510) 270-2929

[email protected]

Main area of coverage:  Bay Area, California

Available for destination weddings?  Yes


Hello, my name is Kenneth Embalsado.  I started shooting back in high school with a Canon AE-1 Manual and this page is a brief showcase of what I have to offer as a 2nd Shooter.

As a 2nd Shooter, my main goal is to provide the main shooter exactly what I'd want from my own 2nd shooter during my events.  What is that exactly?   I want to make your job EASIER!  That's right, my goal as your 2nd shooter is to make your job easier.  I've been a primary on many weddings and I have to say, a good 2nd shooter is one who:


1.    Can be sent to cover the groom and not worry about them.


2.    Helps with gathering, organizing and posing large groups during the crazy after-ceremony formals.


3.    Knows how to setup and breakdown lighting gear without having to be supervised.


4.    Know’s EXACTLY what you’re going through.


5.    Someone that has no ego, knows the role they have in the event and will do what it takes to make your day go smoother.


6.    Someone that can shoot consistently with images SOOC that do not have exposures all over the map.  This helps greatly reduce post processing work.


7.    A trusted partner.  Someone that you know will make sure the day goes well and your event moves forward with as little surprises as possible.

Gear List:

Camera Bodies:

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon eosM

GoPro Hero 6 Black (4 Cameras)


70-200mm f2.8L IS

24-70mm f2.8L

16-35mm f2.8L

135mm f2.0L

100mm f2.8L Macro

85mm f1.4

50mm f1.4


600EX-RT (12 speedlights)

ST-E3-RT Wireless Trigger (3 triggers)

160 LED Video Lights (4 Lights)



Audio Gear:

Rode Video Microphones

Rode Lavalier Microphones

Tascam DR-40

Tascam iM2x

Support Gear:

Light stands, umbrellas, soft boxes, video tripods, video fluid head monopods, GlideCam, camera sliders etc.


Why do you 2nd shoot instead of focusing on being a primary?

•  Creative freedom.  I had the opportunity to 2nd shoot for a friend of mine and I enjoyed the freedom of shooting whatever caught my eye.

Do you shoot as a primary for other photography companies?

•  Yes.

What is your pay rate?

•  $50.00 to $85/hr for local weddings (Bay Area, California) or depending on project budget and portfolio use rights, I'm flexible to whatever works for your needs.

What's one of the best moments for you in photography?

•  When I was asked by another photographer to photograph his wedding.  It was an honor to be chosen by another photographer and trusted with capturing their life event.

Do you have references?

•  Yes, available upon request.

Do you have unedited SOOC samples of your work?  

•  Yes